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02-07-2006, 10:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Panasonic Youth
No, the conversation is entirely about desire to win, unfortunately there are some people that need to bring in his incident. The first poster to introduce the Tuzzi talk was referring to what he would bring to the table, instead people like to bring in this past mistake; The same mistake that he has expressed regret for on countless occasions. I made the mistake of talking about hockey. So sorry.
Good for you big fella. but the statement I put out there was not about downies grit or desire to win.

i was interset to see what people against Bertuzzi, because of his mistake, thought of Downie.

It wasn't even much of a comparison, more of an illustration on how bad situations can go either way.

yeah i know he expressed regret several times. if you read correctly, you would have seen that I don't have an issue with Bertuzzi. Others do. I wanted their take on why.

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