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03-11-2012, 06:43 PM
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JvR needs to evolve his play without the puck as much as his play with the puck.

The optimal way to make that happen is playing him with Giroux. Either this season or/and next and beyond. The line with Giroux will have much puck possession, and much puck possession that's not JvR's. So he'll develop both. The best chance JvR has to become great is either taking a low possession grinding one-timing role with Giroux, but I think he's uncapable of that since what he showed with G and Jagr early in the season. Otherwise Voracek would be a good match. So it should be Giroux, JvR and a low possession grinder who shoots a lot of one-timers. Meaning either Hartnell, or Simmonds.

Hartnell/Simmonds - Giroux - JvR
Hartnell/Simmonds - Briere - Jagr
Voracek - Schenn/Couturier - Read
Talbot - Couturier/Schenn - thebestoftherest

I think both Hartnell and Simmonds is needed on the top 2 scoring lines, since our top 3 scoring players Jagr, Giroux and Briere aren't that type of one-timing semi-grinding scorer that makes the pure grinder obsolete on their lines. However, the line that gets Hartnell will be much more functional than it would be with Simmonds, so the question is if a super-first line is more important or that both the 1st and 2nd are really good. Because the Giroux line will be good either way, the question if if it's more important that his line is great or the second line being more than good.

What makes me sad though, is that JvR, Read, Voracek, Couturier and Schenn only competes for one spot on the top6, and the latter 4 will be left out of the top6 with one of them will be left out of the top9 in this scenario.

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