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03-11-2012, 06:49 PM
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While Tremblay is playing the OMG card once again, and while his 'sources' might be himself talking nothing more (he's known for that, him and Michel Blanchard), he's not off the mark regarding Pierre Gauthier's obsession with secrecy. That's how he ran the ship in Ottawa. In the Nation's Capital, it was easy because the reporters there were novices when it came to covering the NHL. And they were eating in the organisation hand so to speak for the first 10-15 years. And even today...

But he was a control freak. And still is. At the same time, he's been very good for Molson, because he's a known cost-cutter. He'd be the type to have the players pay $1 for a can of pop in the locker room, a la Billy Beane.

On the other hand, people are giving him way too much credit for what happened with the Merdiques. He wasn't the brains behind the drafts. And don't forget that drafting 1st overall so many years was pretty easy. The Merdiques made a science out of finishing dead last. In Ottawa, he did not draft that great. And in Anaheim, without Burke's moves, the Ducks would have failed miserably. Gauthier got RID of one of their major stars right after saying he wouldn't. He's a known lier (go as the reporters in Ottawa and Anaheim, or go ask the Hens' ex-owners at the time).

And he managed this team into finishing close to last this season. Yeah, he made some good moves. But fact of the matter is: you are managing one of the richest franchises in the league, it is your duty to acheive excellence every year. If you fail, you get fired.

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