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11-15-2003, 09:43 AM
Son of Steinbrenner
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Originally Posted by Fletch
being a fan doesn't mean to blindly root for a team. We, as fans and supporters, have a right to criticize the team for what we believe to be shortcomings. I was a season ticketholder for six seasons. I paid approximately $10K for those seats in that period. I feel that in times when I disagree with management, I have a right to voice my opinion as a stakeholder. Heck, if everybody went to games when they were losing, and kept watching games and thus advertising $$$ kept rolling in, is there really an incentive to win, and thus not make many changes? An extreme anaolgy may be me being an owner of 20% of a company. I hate management. I hate the direction the Company is going. I can sell, but so much has been invested (time and money) that I'm not going away that easily and I cause to make the proper changes to happen. I've been a Rangers fan for nearly 30 years. I've gone to hundreds of games. I've bought thousands of beers, food, and other concessions at the games. I've watched thousands of games on TV, at home, in bars, around the country, on vacation. Too much time and money invested to just throw it away - I'll root, but that doesn't prevent me from voicing my opinion.
blah blah blah. so stop wasting your money. nobody put a gun to your head to buy the tickets the beers the whatever else. stop going stop watching. you want the rangers managment to get the message stop spending money. if you go to a game and spend $300.00 on tickets food and beer and boo the whole time do you think the rangers are upset? they have you money! if you own a stock and you arent happy with the managment you sell the stock. or you can be me and average down!

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