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03-11-2012, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
Because maybe there is more to hockey than stat sheets? "Dark horse for the cup" Everyone in the playoffs is a darkhorse for the cup, give it a rest. Shocking how 28th place habs have a better offense than your darkhorse. Funny how that happens. Pacioretty, Cole and Gionta will probably all outproduce him and Bourque will take his spot on the third line. We have youngsters looking for a shot next year and if we draft someone like Forsberg he will probably also be looking to crack the team. Akost's time was up.

Gauthier selling off superstars like gill and kostitsyn left and right. We should have kept them because they were obviously the reason we are playing so awesome!
You really don't make any sense.
But even if you want to say AK is a depth winger on the third line (all the while, super Darche is playing in the top 6), then why was he taken off Eller's wing?

I don't care if you think AK is not a big loss, nothing more than a 3rd liner, it's irrelevant. Point is, he's yet another player we did not manage properly.

Bill Clinton said it best about coach Richardson after he won the NCAA championships for Arkansas, as a coach, you need to be able to look at each player and say/tell them whatever they need to hear in order to succeed (paraphrasing).

If AK was our first ''problem'' player, I wouldn't be arguing here. But as you know, he isn't our first, nor our second, nor the third, nor the fourth. There's been one too many of them for it just to be a coincidence.

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