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03-11-2012, 09:45 PM
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I may be new here, but I'll pass on some advice.

Ignore him. He's obviously a flake who can't produce. Just play your game the way you play it, and let him be a dink.

I'm a pest, I'll admit it, but there's a time when you start going from being a pest to being a *****, and he's obviously passed that point. If he can't take a hit, he should probably quit the game while he has most of his teeth and knees left.

And for you, you do not wanna fight. I did for 2 years in the juniors, and I'll tell you it's not all it's talked up to be. My jaw's crooked, I have a hard time eating anything harder than an M&M, my eyes are slightly unaligned and it's no fun having to pop 2 or 3 advil before after a fight so my hands can close around a stick.

So in short, ignore him; he's a ****.

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