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03-11-2012, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
5 games.

Some of you have a huge problem with over inflating certain players. Andrei was inconsistent. Inconsistent players are always traded. Do I agree with how he was used? No. But lets not sit here and act like he was this legendary player. His numbers have been pretty much the same his entire career. He was going to be a UFA and was going to command upwards to $5M. I sure as hell would not give him 5...

If Andrei decides to play every game, he could be a PPG player. Didn't seem like that was going to happen here. So he was traded. He wasn't the right guy for this team. He IS for a team like Nashville. Period.

Stop romanticizing average players.

Get over it.
Sorry, makes no sense. Strangely, we keep inflating certain players who actually are playing much better elsewhere. So we are not inflating them. This team is deflating them. Andrei was inconsistent. Okay. Geez....who the heck are we to say that we don't need 20-goal scorers on our team based on his "inconsistency"? Are we winning the cup every year so we can decide which 1 piece we can get rid of so we'd continue on our run? And his inconsistency made him score close to 20 goals every year since 2007. That's just like Michael Ryder and how he was the most unuseful 30-goal scorer. See, we are not inflating certains players. People like you are inflating this team as a whole. We do not have the type of team so we can do without players who aren't perfect. Until we are there, let say like the Wings, then we can be demanding and replace the pieces that doesn't specifically respond to our needs. But that will be based on end-result. Some teams can do this. We CANNOT. We do not have the history for the past 18 years to just do without good players 'cause they are just not good enough for us. What it does is that you trade some imperfect guys, looking for better ones....but then they aren't perfect so you trade t hem again....rinse and repeat.

And you have no idea what he is going to ask for. We will see what he'll ask for in Nashville I guess. But you will probably come up with the fact that he went with the "hometown discount" over there whill here he would have asked for the moon. Which clearly, if it's the case, just means that this organization for the past a whole lot of years just can't put in environment together so that players will stick around. Yet, we can also just put it on the journalists' fault if we like it better. I guess it makes some people feel better. Yet, I'd bet it's a lot about WINNING. Something we haven't been able to do for quite some time. At least not in a CONSTANT basis. Which goes back to your Kostitsyn analysis....who the heck is that organization thinks it is? Who are they to judge the inconsistency of their players when they have been worst in that departement themselves. In a year that showed more inconsistency and improvisation that I've rarely seen before.

As far as your last paragraph, well that's about it. Andrei's real criticism is that most people understand and sees that he's a much better talent than what he is actually showing day in day out. He was drafted and seen as the purest natural talent of this whole draft. So if he would have translated that into becoming a real hockey player, he would have been the best player of his draft year. So people, like myself, was mostly frustrated about him because he could have been so much more, and we lost on so many great playeres in this draft that this is what frustrated people the most. But that's a basis for a trade? Seriously? So because he "decided" not to play every game and wasn't a PPG guy, he doesn't have a place in this team? What? Who does then?

How come he wasn't a guy for us? At one point do we have to let every player go because they are not made for us and yet suddenly they are made for their new team?

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