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02-08-2006, 01:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Broad st phantom
to make things short gags needs a play maker at his side, n forsberg is great at that.... of course he makes gags stronger, but give him respect for how the duo works...... besides them 2 look out for knuble n rishards there another great duo that will surface for the flyers
Pairs are fine, but I'd love to see full lines. The pairs thing, I don't know, just doesn't seem to work. I'd love to see Hitch say "this is our number one line, this is our number two line, number three, etc....." I'd also love to see him assign specific roles for each line too. For instance, lines 1 and 2 are our offensive lines, line three is the two way line, and line four is the shut down line. Everybody knows specifically what their job is and there isn't this whole mess of everybody is assigned to do the same thing. For instance, I don't think it's in our best interest to have Gagne on a shut down line. We all know that he knows how to play defense, but he's proven he can be an offensive go to player.

I've just seen too much of the pairs from watching the Sens and you know what, pairing doesn't work when it comes time for the playoffs. Set your lines, stick with them through thick and thin of the regular season and when it comes time for the playoffs, everybody knows what they have to do in terms of roles and you're good to go. All the past Stanley Cup winning teams have done that. Even Hitch's team in Dallas didn't go with the pairing method.

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