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03-11-2012, 11:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Gino5000 View Post
Not just me saying this, Sens reporter also questioned this one twitter Sylvain St.Laurent (French version only sorry)

Look i for one hope this is not the case I love smith and i hope he stays...

After i read this then a couple days later i see him clearly ignoring MacLeans instructions especially on a PK and after being benched... might be and hope i'm wrong.

Just something to think about

I don't see what you see here. St Laurent said that back in Dec when Smith had 20 points that some unknown person or persons had let him know that Smith wasn't happy about how he was being used. Next he said some members of the local press had suggested to MacLean that he use Smith at centre. MacLean answered that Smith shouldn't think of himself as something he's not. Meaning that Mac sees Smith as a checker who can chip in but not a full time play making 2nd line centre.

Seems to me 1 or 2 members of the press who's britches are getting too large are the guilty ones here. Here's my interpretation of the scenario. Garr.. err .. I mean some unknown media / press person flatters and pumps up Smith and then says: why don't you play 2nd line centre?
Smith: That's up to the coach
Press: Would you like to play there?
Smith: Of course who wouldn't want more toi

Press now moves on to Stache

Press: Hey Stache why don't you use Smith on the 2nd line
Stache: He's a good checker and PK'er
Press: But he'd like to play there
Stache: Thinking ... so the little B.... has been complaining to the press
Stache: Smith shouldn't think of himself as something he's not.......

Ergo the problem was invented by the press for the press using themselves as unnamed sources. It's not surprising some of the media people use each other as unnamed source just to start controversy. St Laurent just used one of his buddies as a unnamed source in his article who he says whispered this in his ears. Then some other unnamed media people approached MacLean. Notice the only names are Smith and MacLean but the sources are left to the imagination. Problem is that St Laurent as others like him just run with a story as though it was fact when it only hearsay from his own media friends who are stoking each other.

btw) Could you point to the time where Smith ignored MacLean on the PK?

EDIT: Gawd! Sorry....
I got so caught up in this Smith discussion of the last few posts I thought this was a thread about him. I just realized it's about Winchester. Hope he'll be better soon. I don't think Winchester offers a lot to justify re-signing him but he is very good on the PK and works the boards well.

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