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Originally Posted by 99 Problems View Post

Another one is when I played juniors our coach was lecturing us during the intermission while our assistant coach was taking a leak and he let out a massive "ahhhh" of relief after holding it in all period, and the head coach was just like "thanks for your input, Bondy"
I Lol’d!

There was this kid on my house team, hands down the best skater on the team but not much of a shooter. But about halfway through the season he finally nets one, he’s so excited he does a victory lap, high fiving everyone on the way past, then infront of the other team’s bench, trips at speed and goes flying a$$ over head, sliding halfway toward the goals. The game was delayed because everyone, players and officials was laughing their a$$es off.

Another team’s captain whos kind of short stood on the bench to see the game. It broke and his foot fell through. And he got stuck! We had to stop playing until the rink staff cut him loose!

In a related incident, our coach tripped over a cone demonstrating a drill. We were all like “ohhh ok, so tight turn around cone one, almost fall at cone two?” Then when we did the drill, we were all doing these theatrical trips over the cone.

Another coach who teaches beginner’s hockey skating slipped during class one day and did the splits. It looked ridiculous so those of us that saw it died laughing, but I later learned he pulled a hamstring so I feel bad, retrospectively.

Also always good for a laugh – beginner skaters who fall, stand up only to fall again

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