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03-12-2012, 01:07 AM
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As a fan, it is fine to be shortsighted and ignore the future and focus yourself on a "win now, no matter what" approach.

As a manager, though, you have to consider the big picture.

First of all, to all to people comparing our situation with the Oilers', just stop, because we are not related to them in any sort of way.

We're having a fluke season. We're under-performing. We should currently be fighting for a playoff spot, as we've been doing just that for the past decade. But we are not there right now. We have no chance to get by the end of the season either. So why not take advantage of our situation?

I get whole "true fan!" approach some of you adopted, but this is exactly why we've been a mediocre, middle of the pack franchise for so long. Most of you claim you want a visionary at the helm of this team, somebody with a plan, with new ideas, somebody that can truly turn this franchise around. Well, I must say, welcome to the real world, because that sort of thing can only happen through two options: taking huge bets via the trade market or rebuilding.

Gauthier, for all the hate he gets, has done the right moves lately. We have an established and balanced young core (and this is exactly why we differ from the Oilers), coupled with some nice prospects turning pro next season. On top of that, Gauthier stock pilled a bunch of picks for Timmins to fill our prospect pool with new talent. Is it a guarantee it's going to work? Absolutely not, but it is one of the very few ways to find the long term success.

Prior to this season, the Habs philosophy have been the "playoff at all cost" approach, which has, needless to say, failed. That philosophy consist in building through the free agent markets and, as some of you like to call it, "patch-work" trades. This is the kind of mindset you, "true fans", advocate. News flash, this method won't bring us anywhere.

It would really be a sad event if this whole season of plain suckage would end up in a late top 10 pick because of a late season push. It would turn a fluke season into a bad season, in the way we won't have the chance to grab any elite talent, nor are we going to attend to the spring dance.

We, right now, have the opportunity of reaching a whole new level, providing Timmins makes the right choice at the draft. We have the chance to add an elite talent to our team, but for that to happen, we have to endure 13 games of losing. At this point, is it asking too much? We're almost there, so why not go all in and sacrifice this season for the better? Managing implies thinking long term, and frankly the "win now" approach is just stupid, given the context.

We have a team much better than the standings indicates. Adding to that a top-end talent might turn a fringe playoff team into a contender. Are we gonna draft a surefire superstar? Maybe not, but at this point, you just have to go for it.

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