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Originally Posted by Iwishihadacup View Post
I'm still waiting for Mr Hab's opinion about that
I didn't come here (HF Habs Board) or follow the sports news recently, so...I thought Markov would maybe play in a week or two or more! So, there was a major element of surprise for me when I saw #79 out there!! Honestly...I almost dropped my drink! #79 looked like a ghost out there!! I can admit did feel good to see him out there and especially when he hugged Subban after PK scored (nice soft pass from Markov). It's all the waiting that I can't stand and he's there when we don't need him anymore (obviously he has to test out his knee).

Yes I'm a Markov basher! (I bash the never ending waiting, jinxed/injury prone body and his miserable interviews (until recently!), and the worst part...his magic act in playoffs called ''Mr.Invisible''), but...I also do admit that I like his cerebral style and regular season play (when/if he's there!), but still...we need him to stay healthy (obviously) and we need him to prove waaaaay more in playoffs...waaaaaay more (at the very least he should help our PP in playoffs).

I've been so excited at the thought of a TOP 5 (OVERALL) PICK (like many of us Hab fans), and now...Markov might help us instead get a 8th or 9th or 10th overall pick!! (huge difference). Not Markov's fault obviously...he needs/wants to test his knee and looked so happy to finally be playing (I do love that!), but he's still approx. 2 months late in helping our Habs get to playoffs (#$%^&*#$%^&*#$%^&*@#$#$%^&*@#$%&*%*%@#$ ). Blame his very jinxed, very fragile body/knees, I guess! (can't rush a knee injury,etc).

So, no playoffs and now...we have to nervously wait and see if we move down from top 5 pick to only a top 10 pick. The only thing (only consolation) that can make me forget this miserable season is a solid STAR/SUPERSTAR TOP 5 PICK. Now that Markov is back to test out his knee I feel like our chances of getting a top 5 pick may be dwindling (I really really hope I'm wrong 'cause I really want us to get a TOP 5 PICK or at worst...a TOP 6 PICK).

he was so excited when hugging Subban after Subbie scored (like a kid!)...I really really do love seeing that (really I do!). I wish Markov smiled more often. Maybe having a more positive attitude (smiling more, joking around more often like he is now!) when doing rehab can improve his health a bit!! positive attitude can help the body/mind heal faster or sort of!,etc...). When asked about his knee after the game, Markov replied (with a little sarcastic smirk) ''it's still there!''. See...I like this reply (there's some humor in there! obvious he's really happy...too bad he couldn't come back in January). Glad he's healthy again but I won't hold my breath (he's jinxed with an injury-prone body,imo, but I hope the jinx is over obviously but we need to get one more top 4 dman anyway, and at least one more very solid #5-6 dman) but I will hope he will help us next season (lockout??? no lockout???) by staying healthy (and try to avoid being violently bodychecked a la Subban) and helping us when it really counts...playoffs. He still has yet to prove something to our Habs during playoffs. I've already seen way more from Subban and Gorges in playoffs.

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