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03-12-2012, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
Yes, he did say that the upper limit could possibly be up to $72m.
However, that would only be in effect under the current CBA, which expires on September 15th.
If the player's share decreases from 57% (more like when, not if) in the new CBA, the upper limit will be lower.

If I was Darcy, I'd continue using the current upper limit of $64.3m, as it is unlikely that the player's share will drop low enough to go under that (a 50/50 split would be $64.1m).
If the new upper limit is higher than that, so be it.
This team should not be spending to the cap right now, as it is not ready to compete.
But it's easy to argue that, with a rise in the cap of such significance, spending to its limit could put us where we need to be to compete.

I'm not saying I want to take that approach, or see Regier travel that route - I don't...I'm just curious if you guys would think it wise to buy some more free agents and couple that with some trades of current roster guys, or operate under a bit of a budget and only bring in salaries that take displaced players' spots.

Still, even when the players' share decreases, the cap should be going up a couple million, no? It has obviously been trending upwards, and there won't be too much foot-dragging in any pending negotiations IMO.... you see a chance that the cap stays at 64?

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