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Originally Posted by jBuds View Post
Where did you get your HRR figures? I'd love to see a ton of those statistics for my own personal knowledge.
Preliminary HRR figures are usually released by Bill Daly late in the season while the cap is usually finalized in late June.

If you want to figure out the cap from HRR, it'd go like this:
((((Preliminary HRR * Player's Share) - Preliminary Benefits)/Number of Teams) * Escalator) = midpoint

I have last year's HRR pegged at ~$2,980,000,000, so it'd end up like this:
(($2,980,000,000 * 57%) - $90,000,000 (I don't believe they release this number, so I just go with the last number I can find, which is $90m)/30 = $53,620,000

The players can also opt for up to a 5% escalator, which they agreed to last year, so:
$53,620,000 * 5% = $56,301,000

$56,301,000 + $8,000,000 = $64,301,000 = upper limit (off by $1,000)
$56,301,000 - $8,000,000 = $48,301,000 = lower limit (again, off by $1,000)

Unless I am overlooking something, you cannot reverse engineer the HRR from the upper/lower limits, so it's just guess and check.
If the upper limit ends up at $72m this year (assumed to be with the escalator), HRR would be ~$3,375,000,000.
Take that number and apply 50% player's share instead of 57% and you get right around $64,000,000 as the upper limit, so yeah, I'd work with the existing upper limit just to be safe.

Originally Posted by jBuds View Post
He definitely did. LOL. jfb is a tough cookie... but nobody was dissecting your math, brother. We (at least I) turn to you as a good source for the financial/cap aspect as well as the draft/prospect aspect as they pertain to our organization. I asked you how you're so privvy to all of this at the youthful age of 21, and you simply said "because I enjoy it". My man
I know, I was just using it to acknowledge the fact that the numbers were wrong in case someone actually did double check it for me.

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