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11-15-2003, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by CREW99AW
Depends on a few things. many other teams are also trying for that player.

2.salary involved.Parrish makes $2.3m,not $10m.

3.How hard is Wang pushing to move salary.Will he let MM take Parrish off the block until a later date if the offers are lousy or just take whatevers offered?

4.Daze is out and Zhamonov's out.Can the Hawks stay in the playoff race another 2 months?in Atlanta Heatley and Savard are out.Can the Thrashers wait a few more months?
1) That is a difficult questioin to answer.

2) So far, but it been mentioned on Tsn that the deal was to be included Cains and Weimer.

3) Again i go back to the Tsn article where they mentioned Weimer was suppoosed to be part of a bigger deal to the Hawks, but Wang could not wait and place him on wavier anyways, so that is clear indication for me that Wang want to cut salary quick and fast.

4) i cannot answer that but as far as the Hawks go, i think they will have a tough time keeping up with T-Bo out plus Wild and Ducks getting back into the true form.

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