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Had a real nut job in our team when we were younger. Well we had a few.

We had this guy whos stick broke when the ref stepped on the blade. He cried and cried over his favorite stick which was a black/green ccm wooden stick.
We were at a tournament so his father went to buy a new stick. He came back with one of the first Jofa composites. The only problem was that the dad had taped the knob like 5 inches down from the top of the stick. Without cutting the stick. "My son needs something to grow into".

Same guy ate cinnamon buns in the sin bin because he was hungry. He also choked a guy from behind with his stick once. Good memories.

When we were at a tournament in Ívik (Modo hockey). Two guys, very special guys, started to fight in our locker room. One guy literally picked the other guy up over his head and just threw him down on the floor. They weren't small any of them either. The guy who got thrown down at the floor snapped and when he was leaving the room he kicked a bottle rack with all his power. It was just one thing. The bottles were filled with water and he suffered a broken toe du to this.

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