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03-12-2012, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Kosikarzzz View Post
Didn't like the Boychuck hit....but I saw the highlight of the Mcquaid hit. Looked like a flying elbow to the head. Just saw the clip twice but both times that is what I saw. Did anyone else see that? Is that legal...because they scored...

Not liking the Bruins being on the wrong end of hits....but Shanny must be. I feel there is a big unjust going on and I can't beleive the media/Shanny bought into that crap propaganda that the bruins were that dirty. So much so that its open season on all Bruin players.

Maybe its just me...
Not just you, it's true.

Imagine it was Lucic crushing Malkin with that hit..! Easily 5min MAJOR for boarding, game misconduct, and disciplinary hear with Uncle Shanaban. Shanny has lost complete control of disciplinary process, it's a bigger joke than it was under Campbell.

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