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03-12-2012, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Davebo View Post
A-****ing -men! They've learned enough about losing as it is.

Losing to get an unproven prospect is daft. All you're doing is teaching the kids we have now that it's OK to lose - that there are rewards to losing? **** that!

Win or lose honourably.
Stamkos was once an unproven prospect, so was Kane, the Staals, Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Doughty, RNH, ect.

I'm tired of average teams with average players. I want the Habs to lose every single game until they have a top3 pick secured. All the better if they lose trying to win, I don't care.

Originally Posted by Protest the Hero
Wanting a good draft pick is one thing. Coming here and *****ing about them winning, saying you're pissed off is another.

They were playing against the number two team in the west, while missing important offensive players, Campoli, Kaberle and Weber on defence. Are the guys on the ice just supposed to stop playing?
Now I agree ******* about a good win isn't exactly ''fan'' behavior. Except perhaps against Edmonton I've never been ''pissed'' at winning. Its nice they beat Vancouver, because it shows the team has some potential. I just hope they don't start winning too often.

I don't want my Habs to become the TO Maple Leafs and finish 9-10th every year.

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