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LUCIC also did not have great numbers in his draft year --and went 50th --not 1st round....Another comparable might be DAVID BACKES in the big physical tough hitter
"type" --also was a LATE 2nd 62nd pick--comp picks then extended his draft...

SO the question is not that big tough physcial forwards who acan also fight cAN"T develop some scoring eventually but rather WHY is WILSO a first rounder this tear on SOME LISTS and still a 30's guy on other lists (at least first third of 2nd round)? The answer is: IT IS A WEAK DRAFT (BRIAN BURKE) -so there is a premium on anyone who MIGHT turn into a LUCIC or a BACKES and change the very identity of your team if you have one of these rare types who can actually impact a game...THUS WILSON and a guy like STEFAN MATTEAU will go higher than their numbers suggest,,,,

THE MYSTERY is then--why isn't LUKAS SUTTER -who sHOULD be even more valuable as a CENTRE not a winger --who also hits the tough physical hitter-fighter check boxes but ALSO is terrific at FACE-OFFS, good defensively,and has a good shot--PLUS the proven SUTTER "character" bloodlines of INTENSITY--why is he not a first rounder on most lists--not even a 2nd rounder on some? THIS IS SHEER CRAZINESS ---he really should be a first rounder even if only projects as 3rd line shutdown centre who will score some goals and WIN key face-offs --and who may be NHL ready right after his draft ---sure he isn't a great skater -but he's already improved his speed over last year and it can be further improved ...but add up the whole package and teams would be crazy to bypass him to take a pokey long -shot on a MAYBE guy once you get past the teens in this WEAK DRAFT (per Brian Burke) MAYBE a WISLON or a MATTEAU turn into LUCIC or BACKES --but maybe not --but SUTTER probably is a safe bet to add a lot of the same elements
--just at centre PLUS win you face-offsand shutdown top lines ..HOw can you turn down the chance to add that kind of value? I don't get it-it stares you in the face like a sore thumb and these bozos calling themselves scouting orgs can't put 2+2 together --instead they are projecting maybes when certainty is right before them and they are blind to it. They are tantalized by upside that may never manifest as pros to a very safe bet on a very useful "part" to have on a team even if only on the 3rd line.

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