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Refereeing for thirty-five years, I had quite a few. One that sticks out was when my partner and I worked a week-end series between Michigan at Minnesota. It was the second game of the series and Minnesota beat Michigan 7-3. Both teams had to leave the ice at the same exit, which was where the visiting team bench was. Minnesota's bench was across the ice. My partner and I were standing by the gate making sure that Michigan left their bench area first and then Minnesota could then leave the ice. All the players had left and then Minnesota's coach, Herb Brooks, stopped in front of my partner and started a little rant. " You're fat. You're out of shape. You can't skate and you can't keep up with the play." He then turned to me and said, "You too." He then left the ice. I stifled a laugh and as one of his assistants was passing me I asked him, "What's with Herb?" The assistant responded, "The guys played so good, Herb has nothing to Bi-ch to them about." Basically, we took one for the team.

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