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Originally Posted by Coach John McGuirk View Post
Changes I'd like to see:

OT format: 4 on 4 for 5 minutes, then 3 on 3 for 5 more, then a shootout if necessary
Instigator removed
Olympic-sized ice surface
No-touch icing
Penalties to both parties in questionable hits (i.e. turned away from a hit to draw a boarding call)

The last one is iffy. I know it'll never happen, but guys need to start being more responsible for the injuries that are occurring, some of which are brought on by themselves. Penalties for trying to draw a boarding call would help.
1. On the fence. 5 more minutes of 3 on 3? Hrmmmm...I don't the OT's the way they are. An extra 10 minutes potentially a game for a team is a lot.

2. Good in some ways, bad in others.

3. Love, love, love it

4. Love, love, love it

5. Too subjective on a moments notice. Refs miss a lot. I think that would be asking too much on their part.

Removing all head shots, love it. Make players responsible for their hits.

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