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03-12-2012, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by piqued View Post
And I don't see how Eriksson's contract wasn't a home-town discount. We all were ecstatic with the deal when it was signed. It was pretty obvious that the Stars were getting a great deal. It may have been market-value at that particular instant in time, but had Loui chosen to wait just a little bit longer he easily could've gotten a bigger deal. So he took a discount in terms of when he chose to sign.
It's either a discount or it's market value. I honestly can't see how you could call it both. He either takes less than comparable players .... which would be a discount .... or he takes the same which is market value. He took the same.

Every once in a while you'll have a contract that deviates from the norm or starts a new trend, but nearly every contract can be traced back to another group of deals. With the exception of Hiller, every contract I provided a link for is similar with only small changes in term and yearly value. It shouldn't be shocking to anyone that those contracts are all within $1.2 million of one another per year.

If you're putting faith in a player accepting a "home town discount" .... you're going to be disappointed. I'm not going to argue against capping Dallas' offer at $5 million because I see that as a relevant opinion to not pay big for goalies, but I just hope no one actually believes Dallas has a legitimate shot at that type of contract. He's already making $4.25 million. I'm not saying it's impossible, but is a bit irrational to hope for.

Mike Modano was the Dallas Stars and even he refused to take a home town discount on his last major contract coming out of the lockout. In fact he used Boston or Chicago (I always forget the exact team) to drive up his price. The Ticket at the time was even reporting it was close to a done deal for him leaving the Stars until all of a sudden a deal in Dallas was worked out. I don't buy for one second he was using those teams for anything but leverage and was never really going to leave.

I don't know if it's that fans want to pretend it's not a business, but those guys are going to make business decisions just like the teams do when they cut, trade or refuse to re-sign them, especially in today's NHL.

I think it's a bit hypocritical of fans to praise GMJN for a smart business and hockey decision to walk away from Modano and Turco 2 years ago, but then they turn around and expect a player to make a poor business decision and maximize their value. That's not an endorsement for players in the NHL to go money crazy like other sports, but they have the right (and an obligation to other players honestly) to expect fair contracts.

If you want to be upset about what is fair, you blame who is responsible and that's the GM/owners in the league that pay good, not great or special goalies, between $5.5 and $7 million a year.

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