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I can't remember many funny things but I'll never forget this one:

Long ago this guy on the other team was driving me crazy. Tough little bugger to catch and he was quite skilled as well, so you can imagine how that goes. I was our team's 'that guy' too but I also played a tough shadow game. Anyway at one point in the game he was carrying the puck up around the outside of his circle, and I crushed him into the boards. His stick blade got stuck between the boards, he lollipopped over it, and his stick stayed there. Later on in the game a very similar scenario was about to unfold but when he looked up and saw me he screams "OH ****!", dumped the puck right in front of his own net to nobody, and ran away from me.

edit: just thought of this gem: a couple months ago I was coming off after a hard shift and jumped over the boards as I usually do. For some reason, I slid too far and seemed to fall onto the actual bench in slow motion with everyone watching me. We were laughing a good while at that one.

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