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11-15-2003, 10:40 AM
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"Excellent. Ill trade you Rico Fata for Mats Sundin any day. After all, how many points you have NOW is all that matters right? Or howbout Mike Knuble for Brad Richards? Done deal."

Nolan hasn't scored more then 25 goals since 2000, and he hasn't played a full season (80+ games) EVER (78 is his highest, in 1999-2000). And this year hes not producing at all. If he plays 75 games (he has the last two years) hes on track for 13 goals (and two of his goals this year were in one game, hes only scored in 2 games). McCauley is on track to play more games and score more goals. Hes producing more, hes healthier, hes younger, hes cheaper. On one hand you have an old, injury prone vet player who is at the end of his prime (at least judging by his production not only this year, but hte last 3 as well) and on the other you have a younger player whos not injury prone and is now becoming a good offensive producer. Who would have guess if you gave McCauley some more offensive linemates, more ice time (hes getting 5-6 minutes more witht he Sharks) and a little instruction he'd start scoring. But instead we have a walking back injury whos dispeared in the playoffs (and if I remember right we got him FOR the playoffs - and the yearbefore McCauley was GREAT in the playoffs) and has played terribly so far this year.

See Sundin hasn't be going down hill the last couple years like Nolan has, nor has Fata shown an offensive prior to this season, McCauley has. Quinn just doesn'tk now how to handle young players.

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