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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post

I love how you arbitrarily decide to cut it off at 1980. Awesome work. So 30 years isn't too long ago but 38 is? Okay...

The modern draft began in 1970. It's not that much different that it is today. Back then the best players were taken on average top five just like they are today. In '71 the two best players taken were... Lafleur, Dionne. Not sure why you suddenly think that it has no bearing on anything here other than it not supporting your argument.

I'm pretty sure they won some cups along the way. As did Gainey... and he did so in '86 too right?

You are being absolutely ridiculous.
d as (if not better) Shutt ... So.... Mike Bossy was drafted after Mark Napier....

There is no exceptional talents this year. Besides yakupov, they're all about the same in terms of skills, talent.
Exactly my point with Malkin and OV. Did you miss that part? How is that any different from the drafts of today?

Maybe Galchenyuk for example will be better than Yakupov. But if you don't get a top five pick... you don't get EITHER ONE so it doesn't matter. That's my point man!

As for you trying to show top ten picks... it's not surprising you won't see superstars. They become less common outside the top five. Which is why so many of us want a TOP FIVE PICK!

We've only had five top five picks in our history. Fortunately we used to have GMs that would trade for these guys. Here's how it breaks out...

Ray Martinyuk - 5th
Lafleur 1st
Shutt - 4th
Connor - 5th
Wickenheiser - 1st
------------------------------ All traded for by Pollock
Svoboda - 5th -------------------- traded for
Price - 5th --------------------- lottery

Superstars: HOF 2
Strong players: 2
Okay player: 1 (Wickenheiser)
Busts 2

Pretty typical for what you can expect from a top five. Most of the time you're going to get a good player. You may get the odd bust (both were drafted number 5 btw) or a a serviceable player like Wickenheiser.

Out of 7 top fives that we've had in our history, 1 turned into a franchise player who is arguably a top ten player of all time. 1 turned into a HOFer. 1 is currently our best player and is an all-star. 1 was a good defensemen for us who helped us win a cup. 1 was a guy who had a decent career and two were busts.

4 out of the 7 were very good or better.

Now go look at us from 6-10. You'll notice we have MORE of these picks but fewer superstars. One HOFer in Bob Gainey and some solid but not great players. Komisarek, Corson, Napier, Risebrough... good players but not as good as our top fives.

The draft is linear. Always has been. Top players get picked on average quicker than those that aren't as good. Sure you could point to a Selanne or Iginla but they are the exception, not the rule. On average top fives will be 6-10. 6-10 will beat 11-15. That's the way it works man. Even at a micro level the 1st is usually better than the 2nd, the 2nd better than the 3rd etc...

It's not a crapshoot when you consider how heavy this draft is in terms of defensemen. If we were sitting pretty with forwards then it wouldn't be a problem but that's not the case. There's three forwards out there who are projected as the best. If we draft 6th or 7th we probably won't get any of those guys.

That's why it MATTERS if we drop out of the top five

So you want the guys to loose on purpose ? You want Cunneyworth to play Budaj until the end of the season ? You want him to take Markov out of the lineup for the rest of the season ?

These guys are proud enough to give a good fight.

And if they finish 10th, 11th or 12th in their Conference or 23rd/24th in the whole NHL ?

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