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03-12-2012, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Koto View Post
most illogical part of the cba....we'll let you act as FA's under the old cba...for contracts that will exclusively take place under the new cba.

quick lets go to arbitration before we rewrite the arbitration rules!
I agree 100%, but it wouldn't really be an issue if Fehr and Bettman sat down and starting talking about this now or even months ago. I heard that Fehr wanted to talk to the players and didn't want to bother them. Fine, but why not do it last summer?

This year's free agency is going to be nuts. It was bad enough that there was talk of salaries being rolled back at the current cap, how much are they going to roll back now that the cap is going up to 70mil? That means that a player can make 14mil a year. You think Suter and Parise will be asking for 7-8mil this summer? I'd be shocked if it's not minimum 10mil just so they can still make that 7-8mil after rollback.

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