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Originally Posted by nbsportsmedia View Post
You are missing a big name on this list - JM LeBlanc from SJ. He is #2 forward in NB after Jacob from Moncton. If I was to pick a #3 in NB this year, I would pick Plourde from Acadian Pen. I saw Plourde play few times and I'm impressed with his game. He is only a 98 but is very calm with the puck, has a solid shot and has above than average hockey sense.
I'm going to tell you why I think Plourde is not even really in the top 10 - 97 players in NB.

1. He is a perimeter player, does not go to the dirty areas of the ice.
2. He does not skate in the same catagory yet as these other guys being discussed.
3. He plays on a team with what I am told has 6-7 forwards, and logs the majority of the ice.
4. There is rumor that the numbers he has posted are somewhat "inflated"...
5. He does not play on the defensive side of the puck at all, he will need to correct this to be successful in Midget.

If there is a discussion about 98's, he is in the top 10 for sure, but lets not fool ourselves about putting him in the same hemisphere as Jacob or some of the others mentioned. Points aren't everything and if you watch him play, and your seeing him on the same level as the others.. well... I'm not sure what you are seeing.


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