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Originally Posted by Spawnisen View Post
Do you remember how he was at all? Would be interesting to know :F
I honestly dont remember all that much... Sadly I don't remember all that much about high school in general, it's been too many years..

I do remember playing pick-up with him & a bunch of other guys a couple times at a park called Tarnhill in Bloomington but what I remember most is the ice being terrible there because they put the rinks over the parking lot so the ice got crappy quick. haha

I would be lying if I said I was good friends with him.. We knew each other & we got along but he wasnt in my grade & I really only ran into him occasionally & only skated with him a handful of times. I just remember him being a really nice kid & kind of shy in school.. I also kind of remember watching him play for our High School team but I wasnt focused on just his play or anything. I mean at that time he was just another kid on the team. I do remember once telling him "good goal!" & giving him a high five or a fist bump (whatever we did that was cool in the 90's haha) the day after a game back at school but thats about it..

One of my best friends was better friends with him so I remember hearing all about him getting drafted by the Avs. Oh and also, one of my best buddies that I moved to Cali with, his little brother & Gilbert's little brother went to the U of M together.. I remember when Tommy got his first contract with the Oilers, he bought his little bro a huge 50" flat screen for his dorm & the center ice package! (btw, back in 2005 or whatever a 50" flatscreen was a really awesome present. haha well it still is, but back then they cost twice as much!)

But sadly thats about all I remember.. I'm sure Im forgetting some times & I bet I played hockey with him more than I remember because we used to play pick-up all the time. I just only remember playing with him at Tarnhill Park for some reason... I'll call my one buddy that knew him better soon & see if I can get my memory jogged!

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