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03-12-2012, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Jamin View Post
So obviously we dont know how it started. Was it localized or hit everywhere at once. Is it only North America?

If we assume it started localized and started spreading I find it hard to believe that city wouldnt be nuked. Obviously that is extreme and like the one poster is saying military officials arent trained for this. But there is eventually a breaking point.

I just have a hard time seeing any government crumble this fast. Even if every politician in north america died there is at least one general in cheyenne mountain. It can survive a direct nuke attack so you assume it can hold out with all the supplies.

Because if im in command id nuke the whole eastern coast if it meant stopping this plague (assuming military bases, hospitals, refugee centers are all overrun like in the show). Nuke the coast and hope winter plus the rocky mountains starts them. Blow up bridges and tunnels leading across the mountains, air traffic would have been shut down for weeks by this point.

Sure 2/3rds of north america would be destroyed but anything west of the mountains theoretically could be liveable. The question is would having society survive like that be a better option then the way the show portrays it where 99.5% of humans are dead.

Or maybe zombies break out everywhere at the same time and this whole right up was a waste.

It used to bug me but after thinking on it I think its better the show doesnt tell us what happens. Kind of fun to make up your own scenarios
The problem with nuking, is that you're destroying everything in a large area for essentially thousands of years. And you'd be killing zombies and live humans, animals, plant life and everything else. Also, you'd be affecting the living things more than the zombies. Outside of the blast radius, I don't think Zombies are going to die of cancer, as an example.

I do agree that you'd want to target some areas like bridges, but apart from water, I don't think there are too many natural barriers that they couldn't get around eventually.

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