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03-12-2012, 07:33 PM
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Originally Posted by regard View Post
Sure bigger is better. I just dont follow his reasoning.
Hes too short to be a shot blocking type of Dman but he can be Bouillion if he gets way nastier??
So if he was bigger he could block shots, but since hes not he should try and hit people more?

Sina you make it sound like all NHL dmen have to fall into 3 very specific categories.
I never said he's too short to be a shot blocker. I dont even know where you got that from. I just said he looks little against NHL guys and I don't know if he's going to be a regular nhler. I certainly aint buying hes 6ft 1, 200. And if he wants to be an NHL regular he's going to have to bring more than just skating and positioning, he's going to need to add a more physical element or something, ala boullion. That was my point, small guys need to bring more, not that he should specifically try and be exactly like boullion.

I do love how im the one who's trying to be lampooned here when im basically saying what everyone else did at one point, hell be a bottom pair defender at best and maybe not a regular.
Many of you are acting like strait is some fantastic player and he simply isn't. He's a bottom pair defensive specialist who skates good. He doesn't bring anything our dmen already signed next year don't have, and he's going to need to perform better than both bortuzzo and despres to have a chance at number 7 next year which I doubt he does on both accounts. Hes certainly not going to replace engo or Lovejoy in the top 6 if our d remains the same next year. And if martin or Michalek are shipped it'll probably be despres or a re-signed niskanen in that spot, it
won't be handed to strait.

And that goes for any team if he leaves, he's going to have to prove his value and it could be tough.

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