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Originally Posted by habitue View Post
Don't you think that these idiotic trades "helped" somehow getting lower and lower in the standings ? Instead of Gaunce, we can now one of the top four forwards. Dumba, Murray Reilley are no slouch either.

If Martin stays and Gauthier doesn't trade Spacek, Cammy, AK and Gill, and we finish 9th in the Conference and mid-pack in the whole league, would you be more satisfied ?

Habs will have a top- 6 or 7 draft pick anyway, most possibly top-4. Stop whinning ! Price won't play every single games left this season. On the other end, Habs have to put their best line up out there and ber competitive because many of the teams that they are facing are fighting for a playoffs' spot.

If te Habs really really want a specific player they can trade their own pick + a player. Grigorenko, Forsberg, Galcheniuk are about the same, and they won't get drafted 2-3-4.

Do you remember that Scheifele was drafted before Couturier, and that Beaulieu ended up mid-draft even if he was ranked top-5 ? And what about Giroux, Bossy, etc... ?
No. I don't think those idiotic trades made us drop. I think they kept us where we were.

Trading for picks and prospects probably wouldn't have made us drop either... but that's not the point. The point is that we'd be getting building blocks for the future. It's not about trading so you drop in the standings, it's about getting stuff to build with man.

Love how you're using the word whining here too... It's not whining when you point out stuff that should be common sense.

As for us trading up, we haven't traded up to a top five for over 25 years. It won't be as easy as you think it is. Besides, it would suck to have to give up something to have to get that top five when we could've just finished there to begin with.

We've had a terrible year. Going from 28th to 23rd is a hollow win and does nothing for us except give us a lower pick.
Originally Posted by haburger View Post
Inserting our best player into the lineup makes no sense? Ha ha ha. This thread is the best ever!
Inserting our injured player who's been out of the lineup for almost two years NOW when we're way out of the playoffs and could miss out on a top five pick really doesn't make a whole lot of sense man. I realize that this requires higher thinking on your part but... give it a try.
Originally Posted by Harmony View Post
It may make no sense from your perspective, i.e. Getting the highest possible pick but I don't see how the opposite makes sense in the real world. I'd like to know how you think Gauthier could have sit a healthy Markov without provoking a fire storm?

How do you explain to Markove he can't play even though he feels ready and his doctor gave him the green light?

How do you explain to your coach he won't be able to dress Markov because you want your team to have the lowest chance to win?

How do you explain to your colleagues (i.e. Other GMs) why you wont ice a healthy Markov?

How do you explain to the other players that you don't want Markov with them because you want a higher pick?

And last but not least : How do you think the press would react?

I think what You implicitely propose here is out of touch with reality.
Very easily. The guy has not been playing in almost two years. It's not going to hurt anyone if he sits out a few more games. This happens all the time with injured players. All you have to say is: "Look, you're too important to us to get hurt again. We're already well out of the playoffs and we want to be extra cautious with you. Keep rehabbing and we'll put you in near the end of the year."

Players feel like they're ready all the time and their teams tell them to sit. There's no s-storm here. It's everyday routine stuff. You tell him he's sitting for a bit longer because you want to be sure. No problem there.
Originally Posted by Ginu View Post
You're not the sharpest pencil in the box are you
I told you... one liner, emoticon filled nonsense. That's what the guy is good for. He proves it over and over again. Him and PatofQC are on my ignore list for a reason.

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