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Originally Posted by CM PUNK View Post
found this interesting while looking at his month-by-month stats, also has a split for stats in wins vs in losses. here are hank's stats (save%, gaa, shutouts) in wins vs losses during the regular season in his career

05-06: .943, 1.64, 2so
06-07: .946, 1.51, 5so
07-08: .946, 1.35, 9so
08-09: .942, 1.68, 3so
09-10: .946, 1.59, 3so
10-11: .951, 1.44, 11so
11-12: .950, 1.41, 8so

05-06: .894, 3.05, 0so
06-07: .881, 3.36, 0so
07-08: .877, 3.22, 1so
08-09: .883, 3.38, 0so
09-10: .897, 3.19, 1so
10-11: .888, 3.26, 0so
11-12: .911, 2.69, 0so

his numbers during wins are simply ridiculous...but his numbers in losses (asides from this year which aren't too bad) are really really ugly.

not sure though if this tells us more about how when hank is on he is lights out, but when he's off he is REALLY off...OR if this tells us that we only win if he is lights out and almost never win when he's not (giving the offense a share of the blame)

either way i was pretty shocked at how drastically different those stats were. although as a disclaimer I didn't look at anyone else to compare splits
Nice stats...yeah the loss column is ugly but could be worse.The win column is ridiculously amazing..

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