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03-12-2012, 09:18 PM
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Hybrid Icing

In its sixth year on the agenda at the annual March meeting of the NHL's 30 general managers, hybrid icing now has some support and could be considered for a rule change recommendation this year.

At least 20 managers have to vote in favor in order for the GMs to bring a rule change recommendation to the Competition Committee. If passed by the Competition Committee, a potential rule change then goes onto the Board of Governors' agenda.

"It makes sense," Rutherford said. "It makes it safer for the players. You're not going to get as many of those collisions right along the boards. Now, you're still going to get some if the offensive player wins that initial race because they're still going to race to the puck then -- it's open."

"We don't want automatic icing. They have it in international hockey and it looks awful. The puck gets iced and everyone stands around and it looks terrible," Toronto GM Brian Burke said. "But the race is too dangerous for the defensemen right now. I think you can keep the race in, but make it safer for the defensemen. The NCAA rule is you race to the faceoff dot. So if you're the defenseman and I chip it past you, I've only got to beat you to the hash mark and it's play on. If you beat me it's an icing. To me, we keep the chase, we keep the interest for the fans, it's an exciting play for our fans, but we make it safe for the defensemen."

What do you guys think about the new rule that might take an effect next season? I personally have nothing against the European automatic icing rule.

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