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11-15-2003, 11:19 AM
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vCash: 500 know these comments about ryder and hossa? well if they play with such heart and character, its obviously a lot tougher for them to produce, seeing as how the rest of the team cant keep up with them. i say bench them, tell them that theyre just too good for the rest of this team, and it would be a waist of time and confidence for them. let the crappy guys get hurt, and then well toss them in there. i know that juneau has scored 100+ pts in his rookie season, but that was like 10 years ago...ten years ago, the habs had won the cup. i do wonder about perreault on the third line though..maybe CJ wants him to learn defensive play also, maybe it's a strategy to make him a better player overall. who knows, it could be good. and maybe tonight we'll get our lucky break and finally win one. also someone mentioned that maybe CJ said:"oh man, **** my system, these guys are ********, let's just throw em out there and tell them to do whatever they like" pretty sure he's getting close to throwing the towel, he said it himself: he's never coached a team that couldnt score like this.

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