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Originally Posted by thedonger View Post
sounds like even though cost isn't an issue, you still want a decent bang for the buck, correct?

if that's the case, i wholeheartedly recommend the sherwood nexon n12, which is their new pro level stick. great stick for the money. about as light as any of the other top line sticks out there but much cheaper. i believe they are the same price canadian as they are for the US market...which makes them that much of a better deal for the canadian market...still an excellent value in the US though at $189 compared to $230+(US) for other brands' top line sticks.

if it's true that the vapor x7.0 is pretty much an updated x60, then that is also a very good suggestion. shoots rockets, particularly for wristers/snappers and is quite light. wasn't too fond of the feel though on my x60...not sure if the blade is any different on the x7.0. found it tricky receiving passes as the blade was so lively on my x60.
I think the APX is closer to the X60, with a TotalOne-ish blade.

If you're looking to come in under A THOUSAND(!!!!???) then just get an APX or a TotalOne or something. Honestly, I would recommend paying a visit to a hockey store and just seeing what's out there.

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