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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
I don't understand this AK outrage. He's always been streaky. He will not score like this over the long term. He never did, over multiple NHL seasons and multiple coaches. He is what he is. It's like you guys never watched him play before or something. All this crying over former players is ridiculous... AK a 40 goal scorer? Lats, a guy who hasn't played in 2 years cause he was too fat to skate without blowing out his groin, a power forward?

Every team let's talent go. Carolina is probably wishing they didn't lose Cole for nothing too.
There isn't one person here that thinks AK is a 40 goal scorer. I really don't understand your argument.
Sure, lots of teams lose talent, it's unavoidable. Except we didn't lose him for nothing, we traded him because we failed to manage him properly. Same thing with a multitude of other players.
I don't care if you think Lats is fat and he eat burgers, he was one of our best ES producers here and we traded him for crap. But hey, I guess that's what you call sound management. I mean, I'm gonna buy a car, ruin it, and then call it a piece of junk. That sounds quite smart.

AK is a 20g scorer. He is a depth winger that could play on a top 6 if you have a coach with half a brain. If you have even more than just half a brain, you should also be smart enough to realize EVERY single player that will pot 40-50pts in a season will be inconsistent.

We managed to destroy our main strength coming into this season, which was our top9 depth. It was clear to every single person here that our problem this season was our putrid defense. Yet, we did very little to improve it. Instead, we actually almost made it worse, and we worsened our offense. Not only that, but we also worsened our coaching.
That is what I call sound management.

What if Leblanc only becomes a 20g scorer? Are we going to move him too because he's inconsistent? Or is it going to be okay with him because he skates fast and in a north south fashion?
Or what about Geoffrion? Pleased with him yet? How much do you want to bet that we don't develop this kid into anything (unless we change the personnel in place).
Are we so damn pathetic that we have to move someone away because he looks nonchalant like AK? Too nonchalant for people to realize the guy actually brings good things to this team? And is our team so damn good that we can just piss away a 20g scorer? Is our prospect pool up front so deep that we can foresee a youngster taking over? If so, wouldn't keeping him+prospect actually improve the depth? Or is it a must to have a grinder on the top 6 in Mtl, whether it's Moen, Darche or White?..

AK is only the recent name on a list that seems to keep growing more and more every year. He represents the mismanagement of this organization when developing youngsters. If he were the first to go, it wouldn't be a problem. But as I previously mentioned, he isn't the first, nor the 2nd, nor the 3rd, nor the 4th. Every single year, there is a new one. The only scenario where this would be considered normal for a team is if it is a poorly managed team. So, if you think it's normal, it tells you what type of management we have.

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