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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16
A) Bertuzzi paid the price for his actions. He's done his time, he's got a criminal record, and he's going to eventually get the pants sued off him. Whether people like it or not, he's repaid his debt to hockey society. And it's not as if he's been a thug throughout his career. He's taken plenty of abuse as well. Doesn't make what he did right, but I'm sure that when people take all kinds of liberties and you can't police yourself because of a retarded rule the league started, I could see someone snapping. Like I said, it doesn't excuse what he did, but I can definitely understand why he did it.

B) As for Downie, all what he's lacked throughout his career is a coach and an organization that would instill discipline into him. I'm willing to give Dick Todd some time to work with Steve Downie before even beginning to compare Downie to Todd. Downie has also shown a penchant for showing up when the games really matter. Someone said he doesn't have the ability to generate any offense and that he's going to be a marginal third liner in the league, but he's got a pretty good shot, is willing to get dirty if need be and when you consider he was only off the scoring lead at the WJC by two points, I think he's shown he can more than hold his own in the offensive end. I think Downie can top out at being a 35 goal/45 assist guy IF we give him time to develop and not rush him

C) As for any deal the team makes, it's going to be for someone to take Primeau's spot. We have lots of centers who are offensively gifted. We have Forsberg, Carter, Handzus, and Richards and when you've got players playing out of position, you know you've got great depth. But we don't have that stopper that we need. A guy like Dave Scatchard would be a PERFECT fit for this organization. He's a 6'3, 200+ pound player and he can skate, check and chip in some timely goals. As much as I bash and hate Hitch, Scatchard would be Hitch's wet dream as a replacement for Primeau (and I mean that in a complimentary way). I think Scatchard would really benefit from playing with the Flyers and would be that replacement should big Keith call it quits.

D) As well, we need some defensemen. I'm willing to give Jester and others on the board the fact that we're playing defensemen who shouldn't be playing and it isn't conducive to winning. We need to find a way to keep some guys off the ice. Personally, I'd love to see a package to Phoenix of draft picks (we have numerous 2nds and a couple of 3rds), prospects (Ruzicka and/or Potulny), plus some roster players with expiring contracts (Brashear, Savage, Therien) for something like Scatchard and Morris or Scatchard and Spiller. I know that might be shooting for the stars, but damn, Morris on the D with a healthy Desjardins, Pitkanen, Rathje, and Hatcher, Meyer, and Jones would be quite nice. It would also mean that if Desjardins leaves after the season, we've got a replacement for him.
Wow!!! I actually dont comppletely disagree with one of your posts! Just playing, nothing personal. I like Scatchard and wouldnt mind seeing him here but he has always seemed to play better on the wing then at center, which is why I like it. IMO I dont think we need a center anyway because I think Richards has settled into that agitating center role and Handzus can always be the shut down guy if needed. Where I think we need a replacement for Primeau is in a leadership role. I am fine with Hatcher being the captain, however, we do need someone at forward to help him out.

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