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Originally Posted by frackiewicz View Post
I was thinking of the XXL/suspenders combo.

The skating coach told me I'll also need a girdle, which he said can be hard to find for women. Any suggestions on that?
Are you sure he didnít say garter? In which case yes, you can just get a jill that has the Velcro tabs for your socks and a pelvic protector on the inside.

Iím 5í2 and was about 200 pounds when I started and believe me, they make pants pretty big, youíll find something! I wore Bauer X20 senior large pants at first. If you have a larger hip to waist ratio like me, you will find that while the pants fit snugly around the hips, they can loose around your middle. For that reason you should consider buying jerseys a size bigger than you need, otherwise they may not go over your pants!

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