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03-13-2012, 04:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
True. No point at all. Especially that you concentrate on 1 word in an entire conversation to discard it. Okay, so you are not bashing him. You like him but not at that amount. Okay. Deal. Though calling a player "average" inconsistent", a player I wouldn't build my team around and such, don't look as if you are in love with the guy but anyway.....Again, though, how many 20-25 goals scorers are there in this league? And they are all average? And even if they'd be average for a great team....are they average for a team like us who are offensively challenged? But much do 20-25 goal scorers in this league have to be paid nowaydays? And do we have the luxury in this team who is so low in goal scoring ability to not sign a guy like him? Do we have other guys ready to take the challenge? Is Leblanc your next 25-goal scorer as soon as next year? It's not like the guess would be that Kristo is already ready to take the challenge next year? Who else? Bourque will wake up? Gionta will be rejuvenated?

When the reason for not wanting a guy like him is based on a 4M+ on a salary cap of how much again, it means that you made a whole lot of other mistakes before. And we should find a way to not let our mistakes like Gomez and Co to provoke ANOTHER mistake by letting a guy like Kosty go.
People take things for granted around here. 20 goal scoters aren't easily replaceable. Trading Pleks or DD isn't easily replaceable. People think every player should be a PPG guy it seems.

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