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03-13-2012, 07:22 AM
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I'm not a fan of the hybrid icing rule proposal, perhaps I just don't understand it enough.

All it does is eliminate mathematically 50% of the opportunity for injury while ignoring the rest.

The race to the puck only stops at the dot if the defensive team gets to the dot first, what happens if the offensive team does? The race continues. What about a virtual tie, or if the players are still very dangerously positioned? What if one player lets up entirely at the dot clipping the other to wipe out?

Surely the player who 'wins' isnt going to just let the other guy take the puck and will continue hard to it, as will the other. Icing may have been negated but both players are still rushing in to bring the puck out.

If I had my way there would need to be sufficient distance between the two racing players, otherwise I don't see this rule change doing much. Perhaps others could try and shed some sense into this, I just don't see the benefits.

Changing the hand glove thing to a 2-min penalty? Give me break. I agree with the other poster, if you change it just make it a faceoff and no line change. Would they call a penalty if the opposition touched it first following the hand pass, or would the hand pass regardless of who recovers it draw a penalty?

I don't like when they dick around with rules that have little or no effect on the game as it stands just to tinker. You want to save injuries? Take the trapazoid out to allow goalies to play the puck, that alone will eliminate a number of races into the corner, couple that with the hybrid rule and you wont see many injuries I wouldnt think.

Change for the sake of change in the NHL is getting really old.

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