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Originally Posted by 99 Problems View Post
$100 for a jock? That's ridiculous, you shouldn't be paying any more than 50!
For a goalie jock? I hope you're kidding that it shouldn't cost less than $50. The cheapest jock on is $55. Are your jewels worth more than $50? If you answer yes, spend the extra money for a $100 jock.

My first goalie skates were the CCM V04s. They aren't a bad starter skate, but if you plan on playing a lot, the boot will break down pretty quickly. I went from not playing at all to playing 3-5 times per week. The CCM skate lasted me 6 months before the boot was too soft. I now have the Graf Goaler Pro 750s and LOVE them. Super comfortable with a very solid boot. Goaliemonkey has the older versions for under $300. If I had to do it over again I would have sprung for the better skates.

That said I would opt for them to get them fit correctly and baked in the store instead of guessing how the Reeboks will fit. Having tried on both they feel completely different.

There is nothing wrong with getting used C/A, legs, glove, blocker and pants. Plenty of great deals on the Bay or going directly to's classified section.

BTW you are recovering from a concussion? You truly are insane if you are willing to step in the crease with a $200 mask on your head after having a concussion. Frankly if you aren't willing to drop at least $400 for a mask you should reconsider your decision to play goal.

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