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03-13-2012, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
who ?? i don't think he's ready to try hard just yet.
If anyone has the balls to say someone else wasn't playing hard it certainly isn't the backer of the "#1 star of the week Bryz" Sorry he got 1st star, doesn't mean he made up for the whole season prior to this.

As for practice, the feeling was Bryzgalov wasn't serious enough about it. He hadn't struggled like this over the past four seasons, averaging 67 appearances per year. Therefore, he didn't need to do a ton of extra stuff and received rest time because of his workload.
With his game in tatters and on pace for his fewest starts in five years, Bryzgalov was asked to re-discover his work ethic. He did, going on the ice early and putting in the time
Bryz work ethic was challenged, and he responded. That shouldn't have to happen as a professional.

The fact is Briere never said he didn't play hard in front of him. They way Bryz was and the way he was in the locker room and playing on ice, was making it difficult for the team to keep battling for him. Yes Briere has been quiet lately, but stop throwing this on Briere. Bryz was the reason the team had to meet with him and straighten him out. And Briere was on of the leaders to do so. So obviously even when Briere isn't performing up to standards he still has a ton of respect in the locker room.

Love seeing how you either will tell me i'm wrong or try to twist it all around again on another player besides Bryz.

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