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03-13-2012, 11:10 AM
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Sick of the rule changes. The lockout ruined how the sport was intended to be played with all of the clutch and grab rules and the inability to be allowed to clear the crease. The league just cares about more goals since obviously more = more excitement The only rules I loved were getting rid of 2 line pass, penalized for the puck over the glass, and being penalized for icing the puck by maintaining the same players on the ice. Hate the trapezoid, just looks stupid and rarely does a goalie ever go in there while discouraging puck playing goalies. Also the ease a which penalties are called just encourages flopping, diving, and exaggerating to drawl penalties.

Handpass in defensive zone a penalty? No, you've already given offenses huge advantages by not allowing defensemen to basically be defensemen in that they can't clear the crease, so now players just plop in front of the goaltender and can't be touched. Also as already mentioned, when you break your stick your now even more useless then presently without the use of your hands. Leave it alone its not a problem.

Hybrid icing... meh. Head injuries have only been a catastrophic type since post lockout since players can't police themselves anymore with the crack down on fighting, third man in rule (established before the lockout) ect. ect. Now players fear no retribution when laying out a big hit (Kromwall is the perfect example, clean hit, however might have thought twice if he had any reason to worry about getting his ass beat the next shift.) It's not that players had more respect for each other when players like Clarke played, its that they knew Shultz, Saleski, Dupont, ect. would be mercilessly beating them the rest of the game if they attempted any shenanigans. Its not just icing it's hits in general, players don't know what the suspension punishments are since they have been so inconsistent and they have no fear of a penalty (sometimes) or players on the opposing team.

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