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03-13-2012, 01:11 PM
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I was dead wrong about SJ to start the year but I dont have any feeling toward them in regards to their current playoff position.

I am not worried about SJ (anymore) because there are far better teams than SJ for Detroit fans to fret about. There are 3 possible teams better than Detroit in the West alone. If SJ makes it as a 7 or 8 seed (they will), the chances of Detroit even seeing them in the playoffs is excessively low.

First, SJ would have to beat StLouis in the 1st round. Un-frickin-likely.

If they did however, they would then have to beat Vancouver in the 2nd round. Again, unlikely.

Detroit would have to beat Nashville then Chicago to even face SJ in the WCFs. (Phoenix, Dallas and Colorado are pretenders through and through)

SJ isnt even on my radar right now. I watched them play last night against Edmonton and came away unimpressed for a team that is literally in a dogfight to even make the playoffs. When Detroit was in a very similar situation in 2009-10, they went on an incredible run to finish the season and ended being the 5th seed. SJ can barely squeak by bottom feeders at the moment. Also, games in hand dont mean anything to me. GIH only mean something if you win them which is incredibly hard to do right now.

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