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03-13-2012, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by TheRocket87 View Post
As always I value your opinion highly.

Not long ago Barkov jr was the most exciting prospect in the world and stood head and shoulders above Granlund and now Teräväinen is obviously getting there too and beating even him. You seem to have a lot of posts, but rarely I see any intelligent input from you except for gross overhyping of every undrafted Finn out there.
Man i just proved that your post was absolute nonsence. I wanna see the quote where i have stated that Barkov is most exciting prospect or saying that he's better than Granlund NOW. Quote that sentence where i have stated that Teräväinen is better than Granlund IMO he's not even close. He's only by vision and creativity. You just made yourself look like a kid. You shouldn't rage you should argue against me. That proves only that you can't figure out anything. You just start to rage and talk absolute nonsence which haven't even happened. I think that i was first one to shout that Teräväinen is going to be best player for this draft at these forums. IMO Olli Määttä is overhyped and Rasmus Ristolainen is very overhyped. I'll admit that if i like someone alot i might say alot of things but i never claim that they're best or anything just putting facts on the table.

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