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03-13-2012, 02:56 PM
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Good research, thanks for numbers.

Have to add one criticism to this approach though:
Drafting, scouting and player developpment has changed so much over last 10 years, i don't think looking at Data from 10 + years ago will do much.
IMO all you have too look at is last few drafts (08-09-10-11) and you will see how secure a pick in top 5 is, not to mention in the top 10. Not to mention 4 of top 10 of the '11 draft are currently filling a full time role on their respective teams.

What i get from your post OP, is that you point out that you can draft high end talent and elite talent outside of top5-10 etc. Which is reasuring, considering i don't want this team to draft in top 5 too often.

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