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Originally Posted by deadphish23 View Post
My son is in between learn to play sessions right now and we have been going to stick and pucks together. I play roller hockey and can ice skate OK, but don't know much about teaching ice hockey to a kid.

Mostly we skate around, making sure he is striding well, pass the puck back and forth, shoot on the net a bit. He's only been on skates for 2 LTP's so he is still falling quite a bit. Very green.

I'd love some tips or suggestions on drills or exercises for a new player. I do some fall-down/getup drills, and red light/green light with him. Any ideas are appreciated. The kid loves going to the rink and never wants to leave and I am running out of stuff to teach him lol.
congrats deadphish. sounds like you found something you'll both enjoy doing for years.

one of the biggest things you can teach a kid if you are not yourself amazing in hockey is profiency in skating. because you are much bigger and stronger than him, you will almost always be a tough opponent to him, until he grows up a bit and starts skating circles around you. make sure you play some semi-competitive games against him, where he will have to push through his limits.

for example, do a lap around the rink when you are trying to chase him and he has to run away from you. then gradually skate harder and harder after him.

another thing you can do to make him work on transitions is passing softly behind or just to the wrong side, and making him execute a quick transition in order to catch the puck. once again this can be made progressively harder.

doing line jumps and eventually stick jumps, etc. are also great.

at some point, puck possession is going to become important. having him on the puck skating in a circle, and doing light stick checks against him is also good, and does not require almost any skill from you. eventually you will want to start doing very light checks against his body, so he feels firmer on his skates on contact. pretty soon he will be a master at keepaway.

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