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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
Look, Avery was not one for tact, but what exactly did he do in Dallas that was so bad? He made a joke. An off-color joke, which garnered an absolutely over the top reaction from the league and the press the likes of which should be reserved for ********** like Matt Cooke or Zach Rinaldo who try to injure other players and end careers. I wonder what the NHL would do if someone did what J.R. Smith did a few days ago on Twitter.

He was so terrible in the locker room in Dallas...but somehow managed to make friends with Brad Richards, a very nice guy by all accounts, and a player that has never, ever been in any kind of hot water for unsportsmanlike conduct, on or off the ice.
That joke was the least of his problems in Dallas... He alienated himself and, by his own admission, poked the fire to make the situation worse in the Dallas lockerroom... What a consummate professional:

"I have to take the major portion of the responsibility for what happened in Dallas," Avery told The Post on Wednesday. "They gave me a contract to come there and help the team win and when I got there, I didn't adjust.

"I didn't adjust to the conditions. I didn't adjust to Texas as a whole, I didn't adjust to the team, and when I say the team, I don't mean the organization, I mean some of the guys in the room.

"I'm responsible 100 percent for that; 100 percent."
"Really, it seems like as soon as I got there, it didn't fit right from the get-go," said Avery, who finished with 10 points (3-7) with the Stars. "Once I felt that and had that feeling of almost isolation, I subconsciously started acting in a way that would push people away and that made the situation worse.

"It was kind of a defensive tactic more than anything. Anytime you're feeling a little uncertain, like your back is to the wall, you react in a defensive way. That's how I coped.
So Dallas rewards him with a lucrative $15 mil contract, and instead of trying to earn the respect of his teammates and Dallas management, he deliberately makes the situation worse because he feels alienated by a few of his teammates? If any player not named Sean Avery did that to the NYR organization, and later admitted as much in an interview, that player would be universally lambasted by Ranger fans for having done so. Talk about a juvenile, immature act by a guy who doesn't have the slightest clue about how to be a professional

Sean Avery is an adolescent living in an adult body.

It should come as no surprise to the many fans who questioned his commitment to the game that he's planning on retiring at the ripe old age of 32. I'm glad he's no longer affiliated with the New York Rangers organization. He is the antithesis of what the organization prides itself in, class.

Originally Posted by Khelvan View Post
A shame. A crying, crying shame.

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