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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
not sure where you're getting this. 1969 was the first entry draft.
In '68 and '69 you had Montreal picking first and they HAD to pick players from Quebec. That messes up the integrity of the study. The modern draft as we know it really begins in 1970. Moreover, I think the C-Form issue mixes things up. 1970 is a clean place to begin as it doesn't have the Montreal/Quebec issue and the C-Form problem is mostly gone.
Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
I'll put him above players he's better than and below players he's not - HHOF be damned!
I think you're going to be attacked on this one dude. I think Anderson qualifies as an 8.5. But hey, it's your study.

I'll help defend some of your stuff but with Anderson... you're on your own.
Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
I definitely wasn't posting there at all in the season the Pens won the cup. I had entirely transitioned over here. But maybe I noted that they were the team that had followed the "path" most often followed by other winners.

We all thought the Pens were set up pretty well, and of course we were all right.

Remember how the naysayers and the leafs apologists would say "ya but how will they sign all those guys huh? they will never fit under the cap so how can all those players evar help them win the cup man???" - and we said, yeah, too many awesome young players, what a terrible problem to have, *insert rolleyes emoticon*

Four years later, they still have all those players.
It's no different here. Then again, we don't have Carmissimo.

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