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03-13-2012, 04:29 PM
Garbage Goal
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JVR21 gets first place and his prize is...wait for it...50 dollars! As soon as he sends me his e-mail address that is (I'll be paying through PayPal).

Also, yes, I'm serious. I know I never announced a prize for 1st place, but I decided on it just now that I should. Leagues with prizes tend to be the most competitive and active leagues, right? So I'll hand out prizes. Winner of the regular season gets 50, champion of the playoffs gets 75. Now go ahead and battle it out for that 75 you playoff contenders!

So, to any of you who intend to quit this league or end up being lazy and inactive, here's a couple of things to consider.

1) This is a Premium Fantrax league, with a life-time membership, at no cost to any of you, ever.

2) Winner of the regular season receives a monetary reward as does the playoff champion.

So now there's even more incentive on top of the fun-ness of the league!

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